I'm Steve.


Hey! I'm Steve, a game programmer from Sydney, Australia.

I'm currently working as a gameplay programmer at one of Australia's leading game studios. I graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney (BSc. Game Development with Distinction) in 2020, and the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Sydney (Adv. Dip. Professional Game Programming) in 2017.

I specialize in developing games using Unreal Engine 4, although I'm just as confident and experienced with Unity and C#. I am well versed in many UE4 engine features including both C++ and Blueprints.

Also, I'm capable of programming in a range of languages including but not limited to C++, C#, Python, Java and Javascript.

A few more things about myself:

  • Industry experience developing mobile games in Unity and VR games in UE4.
  • Worked with optitrack motion capture, building tools for UE4's sequencer and animation pipeline. Developed IK tools to clean animations in realtime.
  • Well versed in using source control (Git + Perforce), network programming, AI programming, shader code (both visual scripting and HLSL)
  • I have experience working with lower level API's such as OpenGL, SDL2 and FMOD.
  • Long history in IT and Web Development, but have a core passion for programming. Worked as a computer technician, front + back end web developer and as a network engineer.

After graduating from high scool in 2011, I wasn't really sure what to do with myself. I explored many career paths until I found myself at AIE Sydney in 2016, loving the idea of game development - something I've yearned to do since childhood but not knowing where to start.

I've since put my all into making this dream a reality and I'm looking forward to constantly learning more and creating amazing, enjoyable experiences!

If you're looking to potentially hire me, you can find my resume here with references available upon request!

Notable Skills and Languages

  • C++
  • C#
  • HLSL
  • OpenGL
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Unity
  • Git
  • Perforce

My Portfolio

Here are some of the projects I have worked on - each can be clicked on to view more info

GitHub Profile


  • Start Beyond

    XR Developer

    VR/AR Development in Unity

    Built and maintained VR and AR apps for Mobile, Standalone and PC

    Optimised and updated existing products to work with newer technologies

    Tools development for device management + system and performance monitoring

    Backend setup and development for CI/CD with auto build deployment on Android

    Git (Sourcetree) workflow in a small, multidisciplinary team environment

  • Story 1st Technology 2nd

    Game Programmer
    (3 Month Contract)

    Programming for a VR Project in Unreal Engine 4

    Worked heavily with OptiTrack and Motion Capture pipelines in UE4

    Created many tools for Sequencer for the client to operate

    Cleaned mocap data in realtime using IK and positional based events

    Class structures prototyped in UML diagrams before implemented in C++

    Collaborated in a team environment, using Perforce for source control

  • University of Technology Sydney

    Bachelor of Science in Games Development

    Further studied and strengthened my game development skills.

    Broadened my programming fundamentals by studying a range of languages.

    Took subjects focussed on design, feedback and interaction.

    Developed multiple projects using the typical software development lifecycle.

    Included on the Deans List for outstanding academic achievement

  • Mode Games

    Game Programmer

    Gameplay programmer for mobile and web games using Unity.

    Worked on 4 NDA mobile titles, 3 from prototype until finished products

    Debugging and maintaining highly optimised code.

    Building and testing games on a range of devices.

    Some time allocated to level designing.

  • AIE Sydney

    AdvDip Professional Game Development

    Worked with a number of teams to make games over short periods of time.

    Adapted to changes necessary with time constraints and/or loss of team members.

    Used Unity and UE4 game engines.

    Built the fundamentals of an engine in C++ and OpenGL

    Used multiple different version control software in Perforce and Git

  • Danebank School for Girls

    Contract + Casual IT Support

    Worked as a helpdesk support technician.

    Tasked with jobs in a ticketing system, workflow managed by task priority and was required to provide continual status updates.

    Completed tasks both individually and alongside other colleagues.

    Built great relationships with other co-workers and maintained the highest possible etiquette, dealing with clients experiencing technical difficulties.

    When necessary, worked well under stressful loads.

  • Specialist IT

    Network Engineer

    Worked as an on-call computer technician and network engineer.

    Handled a multitude of remote control and on-site visits every day.

    Worked in many high stress environments to get clients back online ASAP

    Saved the world on many occasions

  • COG 360

    Web Developer

    Worked solo on both front and back end web development

    Adjusted changes on-the-fly to fit constantly changing specifications

    Worked closely with a graphical artist and branding manager with each product

  • Double Click Computers

    Computer Technician

    Worked as an in-store technician and on-site when necessary

    Diagnosed and repaired numerous computer issues ranging from hardware failures and software infections to DHCP server malfunctions

    Dealt with customers of all different ages and personalities, many whom were in stressed states after experiencing technical difficulties

    Worked well with a number of colleagues, shared many jobs through streamlined workflows and detailed status updates

    Handled phone calls and provided remote assistance on a daily basis

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